Check the real capacity of a USB flash drive

Check the real capacity of a USB flash drive

There are plenty of counterfeit products around and the world of USB memory sticks is not an exempt. There is a rising criminal trend that involves selling fake USB memory sticks that appear to have a larger memory capacity than the true capacity actually is. This has given the bad guys an opportunity to sell a 2GB memory stick with a surface that looks like it has 64GB of memory. 

Thinking that the entire capacity in the drive is usable, you have to attempt to use it but as soon as you transfer your files to the USB flash drive, the files will become corrupted and show weird names. 

You don’t need to panic though with the H2testw software that tests whether the USB flash disk is genuine to avoid later disappointments. The free program has been proven to detect flash drives that have been programmed to show false capacity. Its interface is in German but luckily it has an option to run in English. Better yet, it is standalone and will cost you zero, to say the least. Moreover, H2testw has nothing installed into its operating system. It can work on 1.1 and 2.0 USB ports with an incredibly easy usability. You don’t need to be a victim by these criminals who advertise fake USB flash drives because the program analyzes drives advertised as 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and even 64 GB capacity. However, it does not work with Macs. 

On testing the USB memory stick, the software will give feedback on what it sees the actual memory size to be and will do this by indicating multiple 6MB files onto the drive until it completes counting the size. That means that you may take a bit of your time waiting to get the feedback especially for large drives or if the computer is slow. After finishing the analysis, the software will do a quick verification to ensure that the drive is genuine. The free software will also offer you with a comprehensive report showing the real capacity of the USB flash drive and also show how much data has been corrupted. You will also discover other problems in the flash disk if any. 

If the device is genuine as claimed, it will notify you that the test was run without problems and that you can proceed and delete the test files. If not, you’ll get a detailed report on the problem in the device. 

You need to save the downloaded program to your desktop. To carry on a test on your USB flash drive, launch the program and set your preferred language then select the target drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the USB Holic memory stick capacity real?

Sure, the USB flash drive has a real capacity as indicated with the H2testw present to test it. H2testw is among the most authoritative software today and you’ll get it when you come. 

What is the write speed?

Most our USB have a write speed of 3MB/s –10MB/s but if you’re lucky you can get 11MB/s+.

Why the USB flash drive real capacity may not be correct?

The right measure by flash memory vendors is 1MB = 1,000KB, 1GB = 1,000MB. The operating system binary arithmetic is 1MB = 1,024KB, 1GB =1,024 MB. Therefore, there are a few differences between display capacity and nominal capacity in different USB flash disks.