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Why To Password-Protect Your Cool USB Flash Drive

Why To Password-Protect Your Cool USB Flash Drive

Computers and the internet have already become a part of life and there is certainly no living with them. Yes, there are numerous improvements in life because of the introduction of the two but at the same time, there are some disadvantages as well. When it comes to the problems caused by them, the most important one is security. Now almost everything can be hacked and broken into. No system can be claimed as a hundred percent safe one. But still, there are certain things that can be done to avoid things like loss of data, theft of data, and corruption of data.

The amount of data that we handle each day is immense and hence the requirement of storage devices is also high. When it comes to storage devices, the most popular one is the USB flash drive. The reasons for this popularity are numerous. Some of them are that the flash drive is extremely small, cheap and the transfer rate is very high as well. But still, it is important to make sure that the data that we store on a flash drive is protected. This is important to make sure that the data is not used by someone who is not authorized.

There are numerous methods to protect the data in the USB flash drive. The most common method is the use of passwords to individually protect the files. This feature is available in almost all the applications that we use. For example software like excel, word etc. provides facility to password protect the file.

Another effective method is to create a partition on the USB flash drive and make it password protected and also make it encrypted. There is numerous software available from the Internet for free that will enable you to encrypt the data quickly. One such software is the True Crypt. There are special kinds of application software can also be used to decrypt the data when the drive is plugged in even if you do not have the administrative rights on the computer. Applications like the Robots Mini Drive will encrypt the data with a 256-bit key length. Encryption will make sure that the data will not be misused even if the password is leaked. The finder of a drive will have absolutely no use for the encrypted data.

One other method is the use of applications like the USB safeguard. This application provides the facility for completely locking down the USB drive with a password. Each time the USH flash drive will have to be locked by entering the password. The application will record the date the drive was last locked. Also, another advantage is that this application can be run from the Flash stick itself and does not require the administrative rights in the computer to run. Changing the password regularly is advisable to make sure that password does not leak.

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