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Lock/Unlock Your Pc with a Cool USB Drives

Lock/Unlock Your Pc with a Cool USB Drives

The number of applications that computer and the internet have is countless. Today almost everything can be done online without actually physically being there. The dark side of this is also a very important thing to think about. One of them is the fact that almost everything is not completely secure. The fraud activities are increasing with each passing day. Cyber-crimes are very difficult to stop but the minimum that we can do is to protect our own personal computer from unauthorized entry. This can be done with the help of a password that is only known to us. But where is the fun in that? It would be cool to have a USB flash drive that can be used to unlock your computer. Well, this is actually possible. Using a USB drive to unlock the computer is not only a method to look cool before your friends but it is also something that can help improve the security level of the computer, especially if you have sneaky friends or siblings.

To start using an ordinary day to day pen drive as a key to your system, you will have to download the software called the predator. This is actually a software released by the Windows to enable the computer to become locked when you unplug the USB flash drive from the system. The disadvantage is that one USB slot will have to be reserved for this purpose always. This article discusses the step by step method to use this feature:

  • The primary thing to be done is to download the software predator and install it completely.
  • Once the installation process is completed successfully, you will have to insert the USB flash drive. The thing to be noted is that all kinds of USB flash drives can be used. Another key thing is that the predator does not delete or alter the contents that are already present in the USB drive. So the drive can be used as a stored device and as a key to your computer at the same time.
  • Look for a preferences tab and under it, you should enter a password in the New password field. Setting this password is critical because if the USB flash drive that you use is lost or if it gets corrupted in any manner then the computer cannot be opened if not for this password. Also if you want double protection then check the always required box. This will make the computer ask for the password each time you try to unlock the computer with the USB flash drive.
  • Finally, under the flash drives section, choose the right drive and click create key and then OK.
  • The software should now close. Go to the taskbar and there you will find an icon of the software. Use that to restart the software and the software will begin to run. It will check every 30 seconds whether the USB flash drive is plugged in. If not then the computer will lock down on its own. 

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