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How to Use a Cool Flash Drives to Add Extra Virtual Ram to Your Computer

How to Use a Cool Flash Drives to Add Extra Virtual Ram to Your Computer

The modern era is considered to be ruled by computers. This has become even truer with the popularization of the internet. There is no doubt that the computer and the internet have countless applications in the real world. Thanks to the digitalization that almost everyone has begun to store away their data like pictures, documents etc. as soft copies. Hence the need for storage devices is has risen steeply. The most common storage device used is the USB flash drive. Its large capacity to size ratio has made it the most popular secondary storage device, even though it is advisable to use hard drives to store data for long periods of time. Here again the applications of the flash drive are many. One such application is its ability to be used as a boost to the performance of a computer.

This particular application is useful especially for people who use computers that have RAMs less than 2 GB. Such computers may become slow if the burden of the data on them is increased. Hence a boost of performance may come in handy. Another fact that makes this feature very popular is that the USB flash drives are comparatively cheaper when compared to increasing the RAM of a computer. Also for higher RAMs to work, the whole motherboard may need to be changed which would again cost a lot of money.

For those with computers with RAM higher than the 2 GB mark, the boost provided by the virtual memory of the USB flash drive may not be a very remarkable thing. Also, it is not advisable that they use the flash drive for this purpose because it is just a waste of storage space that can be used for other purposes.

  • The first thing to do is to completely wipe the flash drive of every bit of data. Usually formatting the drive will do. But it is better to open the drive after formatting and to check for hidden files. If there are hidden files, then delete them too. 

  • Then make sure that you rename the flash drive with a relevant name. this is to make sure that when other users operate the computer they will understand that the USB flash drive is used as a boosting method. 

  • Then right click on My computer. Click properties. Click Advanced and then choose system output’s settings. 

  • Click Advanced then click edit. 

  • Click on the name of the drive and select user defined size. And then reduce 5 MB from this size. 

  • Type in, this number in the first box and also type in the exact same number in the second box. 
  • Click on set and then confirm all the settings after applying them.

  • Once all these are done you must restart your computer.

After completing these successfully and restarting your computer, it would recognize the USB flash drive as extra virtual memory available for usage.

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