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How to Run Applications from a Cool USB Flash Drive

How to Run Applications from a Cool USB Flash Drive

People rely upon computers and smartphones for a countless number of things. Also, a large percentage of the population has already been digitalised meaning that all data are stored in form of soft copies. People, who have to move around constantly because of their careers, may not be able to carry around computers all the time. Also, they will have to use computers which are not their personal computers very frequently. The problem faced by such people is that the applications that they prefer will not be there on the computers that they are currently using. Hence everything may feel out of place for them. this is especially true if the person is not one who is comfortable with using new gadgets and computers. The solution to this problem is to use secondary storage devices. One of the most popular secondary storage devices is the USB flash drive. They are extremely small and hence they can be easily carried everywhere a person goes. This is the feature that makes the USB flash drive the ideal secondary storage device for solving this problem.

There are various portable applications that can be loaded to a USB flash drive. The specialty is that once they are loaded into the drive, they can be run from any computer without the need to install the application on that particular computer. Hence people can carry around their preferred application and the only thing to do when they have to use an alien computer is to plug the USB drive in.

Applications that can be run from a USB flash drive are numerous ranging from data manipulation applications to games. These applications can also retain data that the user provides and reproduce them the next time. These data are stored in the flash drive and hence nothing is lost when the drive is unplugged.

There are numerous applications that run from a USB drive and they are available on the internet. One example is the portableapps.com platform. The step by step method to run portable applications from a USB thumb drive is:

  • Download the free version of the portableapps.com platform. There are numerous other platforms that let you run the applications from the USB flash drive irrespective of the computer you work on. 
  • Get a flash drive and plug it into the USB slot in the computer. 
  • Click on the download platform and then the setup will be downloaded to the “downloads” folder. Change the destination to the flash drive that has been inserted.
  • Launch the portable apps platform from the drive. Immediately you will be asked the apps that you need to be installed into the USB flash drive. 
  • Once the installation is complete, the flash drive can be plugged into any computer and the user can run the applications once installed by launching the platform and then selecting required app from the installed list. Also, new apps can be installed later as per the needs of the user. 

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