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How To Recover Lost Data Through Free USB Flash Drives Recovery Software

How To Recover Lost Data Through Free USB Flash Drives Recovery Software

A USB is a small and portable device that acts as a hard drive and can store information. They are widely used nowadays to store information like soft copies of documents, store songs, and games, to run applications and many other things.

But sometimes, it may happen that the vital data in the flash drive may be lost due to many reasons such as:

  • Accidentally formatting the drive.
  • Malware or virus attack.
  • Files lost while transferring

The good news is that the data lost can be recovered by the various recovery software available. The concept of recovering the files is very simple. Here the data when accidentally deleted is not erased from the system, but the data is marked as unimportant and is left on the hard disc. Whenever space is needed, the operating system just overwrites on it. So, as the deleted files are still there in the system, the recovery software scans the space and recovers the data if that data has not yet been overwritten by anything.

Here are some solutions to recover the data lost from the USB drives.

1. EaseUS USB Recovery Software

  • Download the EaseUS software. Install and launch it.
  • Select the store where you lost your data and scan that storage.
  • The software wizard will start scanning.
  • After the scan is finished, the list of all recoverable files will show up and you can select the files you want to recover. Click the Recover button.
  • This will recover all your lost data.

The main feature of this software is:

  • Any data can be recovered. That is even if the files are badly corrupted.
  • This software is very easy to use, even by non-technical people.
  • It recovers the data quite fast.
  • The data recovered is very reliable and all the data is recovered.

2. USB Drive Data Recovery

This software can also recover all type of data that is whether the data lost is due to accidentally deleting the data or the data is lost due to viruses. Also, this can be used in a crashed USB drive, pen drive, dongle, SD Card, multimedia card, memory card or free USB drive. That is this software can be used in all types of storage devices.

3. Data Recovery Doctor

This software is mainly used to recover data from images, videos music, and documents. The data may be lost accidentally, due to viruses, accidentally formatting or system crash.

These are the various software’s that can be used to recover the data from the free flash drive. But care must be taken at the first place to protect the drive. Below are some points about how to protect the flash drive from losing the data;

  • Back up all the data as frequently as you can.
  • Remove the drive safely. Data may be corrupted if the drive is removed incorrectly.

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