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How to Recover Lost Data from Cool USB Flash Drive

How to Recover Lost Data from Cool USB Flash Drive

These days almost everything is stored digitally. Every strand of detail about a person is stored digitally. Also, various other things like business details, photos, documents are all stored in the digital format. With the increase in the data to be stored, people turned to using secondary storage devices to store data. USB flash drive is the most popular storage device in use. There are certain disadvantages to storing everything in the digital format. One is the possibility of loss of data accidentally. There are chances that the data stored in the flash drives get corrupted and in extreme cases, the data can even be lost. There are numerous things that lead to these two things. People may accidentally format the drive to end up losing the data. A virus may sweep all the data from the drive. Power fluctuations or surges can corrupt data and even if you remove the drive without disabling it, the data may get corrupted.

The most important advantage of a USB flash drive is that even if the data in it gets corrupted or even if the data gets deleted, there are methods to recover everything that was on the drive. Even if the flash drive falls into fire or water, there are methods to recover the data. Recovery is not possible if a magnet is brought near the drive. This is because the data is stored magnetically and will get destroyed when brought in contact with a magnet.

There are numerous software applications available on the internet that can be used to recover data from a drive. Some of these software applications are freeware and some require the user to pay an amount of money. One such recovery software available on the internet is EaseUS. This is a software that is available free of cost to the users. The step by step method to follow to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive is given below:

  • The first step is to download the application from the internet and to install it correctly. 
  • Once the process of installation is completed successfully, launch the EaseUS application. From the app, select the partition or the USB flash drive from where the data has been lost. And then click scan.
  • The app will tell you that it is performing a quick scan. Once the quick scan is completed a deep scan will begin in order to find more files on the flash drive. This may take some time. 
  • Once the scan is complete the app will display all the files and folders that are recoverable in the drive or the partition. From the list displayed, you have to select the ones that need to be recovered and then you must click recover. The recovered files can be saved to any other partition or drive other the one from which the data is recovered. 

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