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How to Hook Up a Cool Flash Drives to Your Android Device

How to Hook Up a Cool Flash Drives to Your Android Device

People nowadays use smartphones for countless purposes. Also smart is something that will be with you all the time irrespective of where you are. It is very easy to carry around and also all the things that a person can do on a computer can be done on a smartphone as well. So there may be situations which may demand the user to use devices meant for the computer on their smartphones. In fact, there is no difference between a smartphone and a computer other than the size and the computing power.

Android phones and IOS phones are the two main competitors when it comes to the field of smartphones. Android is a smart phone operating system developed by the Google and it provides various important facilities to the users like an ability to use USB flash drives on the smart phones just like the computer. This feature is exceptionally important because smart phones may not have large storage space and hence the data will need to be transferred frequently so that nothing is lost.

There is a particular type of cable called the OTG. This is the one which is used to hook up the USB flash drive with your smartphone. Most of the OTGs available in the market come in short lengths. In fact, there is no need for long OTGs because a smart phone can be placed close to the thumb drive easily.

Once you have the OTG with you then the connecting process is simple. Once you connect the USB thumb drive to the phone, the stick mount will be launched. It would ask you whether to mount the drive or not. Select OK and the drive can be accessed and all the data can be manipulated. There is also an option which tells the smartphone to mount the particular USB thumb drive when connected in the future without asking the user for permission.

There are situations where the USB thumb drive will not be recognized by the phone. This may be due to loose connection and to rectify this, the drive needs to be removed and then plugged in again. If it still is not recognized, then you may try restarting the phone.

If the mounting is successful then the data in the drive can be explored just the same way as the internal memory of the phone. Transfers can be made from the phone to the drive or vice versa. New Android versions even provide the option to back up the data in the phone into the USB thumb drive like a computer.

Once the data manipulation is done with, the USB drive needs to be removed. Before unplugging the Thumb drive from the OTG or the OTG from the phone, it is important the Drive is unmounted successfully from the smartphone. If this is not done the data in the drive may get corrupted or in worse cases may get deleted.

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