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How to Backup Your Files Using Cool Thumb Drives

How to Backup Your Files Using Cool Thumb Drives

With the arrival of the internet, the use of computers has increased drastically. Also, almost every piece of information is now stored in the digital format. The reasons are many, which include ease of retrieval, cost effectiveness, portability, and easiness to manipulate. These are just some of the many advantages to storing data digitally. But it is important to back up data while working on them. The reason is that there are chances of corruption of data and in some cases; the data may get deleted altogether accidentally. Both these are not desired things to happen.

There are numerous secondary storage devices available in the market which can be used to backup data on your computer efficiently. The most popular category in the secondary storage devices is the USB flash drives or thumb drives. They can be transported easily and the sizes they come in are very convenient to use. The Windows operating system itself comes with an option which enables the user to back up the desired files into the flash drive.

The step by step method to back up the data on the thumb drive is:

  • Plug in the thumb drives into the USB slot in the computer. Wait till the computer system recognizes the USB flash stick and if the drive is plugged in for the first time, then some time will be taken by the computer to install the driver before you can access the contents of the drive. 

  • Once the drive is accessible, the USB thumb drive will appear in among the list of drives that you have. If the drive is not recognized still, then you have to remove the drive from the slot and again plug it in. This time make sure to use a different port. 

  • After making sure that the drive is recognized. Go to “start”. Then click all programs, followed by accessories, system tools and then finally click on backup. 

  • The application will open. Click next and make sure that the backup files and settings is green and then click next. 

  • The next step is to choose what files need to be backed up. There are various options like my documents, all information on this computer, etc. from which you can choose. If you need to choose what needs to be backed up then you can click on ‘let me choose what to backup’. 

  • The next step asks you to choose a destination to store the backup data. If you want the flash drive to be the destination then choose the particular drive from the list shown on the screen. Also, you will have to name the backup. make sure that you give a relevant name instead of a random one. 

  • After this is complete the application will begin to make a copy of the data chosen on the backup location. This may take some time. Once this is done, the backing up process is successfully completed. 

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