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6 Useful Tricks to Protect Your Cool USB Flash Drive from Damage

6 Useful Tricks to Protect Your Cool USB Flash Drive from Damage

In the present age where everything in our life counts on computers and the internet, the importance of gadgets like USB flash drives have increased exponentially. The amount of data that we use is also very large and hence it is essential that we have numerous efficient methods to store the data that we have. USB flash drives are an example. These devices are actually very vulnerable. They need to be taken care of carefully or else they may get damaged resulting in wastage of money and more importantly loss of data stored in them. Some effective methods to protect your USB flash drive are:

Never make an attempt to defragment the drive:

It is a fact that the performance of the traditional type of hard disks can be increased by defragmenting them. But in the case of USB flash drives it is important not to defragment the drive. In fact, there is not much of an advantage in doing this as far as the performance of the drive is concerned. The chances of the data getting corrupt will only increase by doing this.

Always use the lid:

This is something that most people forget or do not care to do. But in fact, a majority of the flash drives are being damaged because of this slight carelessness. When the drive is not in use, it is important to make sure that the cap is on the drive. This will protect the drive from settling down of dust and dirt particles that may damage the device when plugged in.

Make sure that the drives bear light loads:

When compared to external hard drives or the traditional hard drives, USB flash drives are small devices and it is very usual that they break under considerably large loads. So it is always advised to make sure that the device is always kept under light load. Usually, when the device is not in use, there are chances that they get placed under other objects which may crush them resulting in the loss of data.

Never drop the drive:

Even though drops from low heights do not usually affect the latest types of flash drives, it is advisable not to drop the drives at all. There are situations when the drives get completely shattered when dropped.

Be careful while removing the USB flash drive:

This is the most common mistake that many people commit. Unplugging the device when the data is still being accessed will result in corruption of data or in worse cases in the loss of data. So always make sure that you follow the actual procedures to disable the connections between the drive and the computer and then remove the drive.

Also be careful while plugging it in:

There are chances for sparking while the drive is plugged into the computer inserting the drive quickly. So make sure that you slide it in slowly and carefully or else the drive may get damaged.

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