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5 Uses For a Cool USB Sticks You Didn't Know About

5 Uses For a Cool USB Sticks You Didn't Know About

Whenever there is a need for some data to be stored, the most popular device that people use is a USB flash drive. This not only is a device that is easily portable but also is something that is cheap and extremely small in size. There are numerous other applications to USB flash drives other than storing away data. Some the coolest applications are listed in this article:

Using the USB flash drive as an unlocking mechanism to your computer:

There might be times when your sneaky friend or sibling stole your little secrets from your personal computer. Well in such cases this application will be able to help you out. In fact, this is a method that can make your computer extremely safe and secure. The thing is that your USB flash device will act as an unlocking key to your computer. Only the holder of the drive will be able to access the computer and work on it. The computer will lock down on its own when the drive is unplugged. A software called the predator is required to make sure of this method. The thing to be noted is that the same flash drive can be used both as the key and also for data storage because nothing needs to be removed from the drive for serving this purpose.

Using the USB flash drive as a portable website or server:

This is something that will be extremely useful to small business and students who like to maintain a blog or a site. The server will the flash drive and hence one would be able to show the clients what actually is the site in person and the only thing that he or she needs to carry is a flash drive.

Use the drives in tandem:

This is useful to store away information that needs to remain between two people. When the drives are customized to work in this method, they only can be read or accessed when one has access to both the drives. When one of the drives is removed then the accessing the other is impossible.

For increasing the performance:

The storage capability of the USB flash drive can be used to improve the performance of the computer. Computers with RAMs less than 2 GB will not be able to perform swiftly when a load of data on them is large. In such cases, the USB flash drives can improve the performance by the method of ready boost.

Connecting to a WIFI network:

The details of a WIFI network including the password or the router number can be stored on a flash drive. Arrangements can be made so that the computer automatically connects to the WIFI network when the drive is plugged in, provided the network is available. When the device is removed the computer disconnects. This is kind of a cool method to provide your Wi-Fi to selected personal only.

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