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5 things you should know about 4GB Flash Drives

5 things you should know about 4GB Flash Drives

We have come a long way in using the portable storage devices and in the process, have become so much accustomed to using our lovely tiny thumb drives in much the same way – data transfer! Well, occasionally for backup purposes too. But that’s it! that seems to be the limit of our (most of us) imagination. A USB flash drive definitely is a wonderful addition to computer geek’s world, and the creative ones have found out ways to transform these small pen drives into fancy looking accessories to flaunt about. Using the USB flash drives as lockets around the neck or use them as key rings, these are among few favorite ways of carrying around the USB flash drive, without losing them.

But did you ever wonder as to what all other cool things we could try with this fancy little thumb drive? Let us put a 4GB USB drive to play for some really cool gigs. Let us explain how.

1. Using a USB flash drive as boot and run Linux OS device

Yes, you could use your pen drive in a plug and play way to enjoy a Linux-based operating system on your machine. The highly versatile Linux operating system has been known for creating a plethora of customization to suit the user’s imagination and taste. This being a very light OS and available in open source space, make it a favorite among young users specifically, for the finish and smooth look and feel this OS has to offer.

There are a number of flavors available in Linux platform – Ubuntu, Xubuntu, uSbuntu or Unetbootin to name a few variations available.

And that is not the only benefit, if you happen to encounter some glitches with your windows OS, you could boot your computer with this USB flash drive boot and run Linux-based OS, and scan and fix the issues you might have with regard to your data or directory system, and get it back to normal.

2. Flash Drive Reminder

I can vouch for it from my personal experience that how irritating an experience it could be to lose your flash drives by simply leaving them plugged to the system, yet, there is no escape from it, because these things are quite frequently in use and once you're engrossed in your work, remembering to collect the pen drive from the socket is the last thing you would be able to recall.

Apps like flash drive reminder would be a welcome pop-up on your screen as you shut down your system.

3. Use your USB Flash Drive as practical Key

For those of us, who are privacy freaks or their work demands it to be so, a locking mechanism is of utmost priority. Obviously, passwords are known way of locking the system while away. Another easy way is simply activated your flash drive with your login credentials so that it acts as practically a key to access your computer. The moment you step out, simply plug out your flash drive and system will be locked. And plugging it back will unlock it.

4. Safe Browsing on unknown network

If you find yourself traveling a lot and always apprehensive about working on an unknown network, a DemocraKey Bundle could be an answer to your problem. This group of windows based apps will make your work a whole lot secure and anonymous.

5. Auto Sync the files

Even to serve the basic function of data transfer, it takes the time to copy paste the files from one location to another. Well, utilities like – SyncBack Freeware, Microsoft’s SyncToy help you auto-sync with files on Dropbox etc.

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