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5 Best Cool USB Drives Tricks to Get the Best Out of It

5 Best Cool USB Drives Tricks to Get the Best Out of It

In this twenty-first century, the role that computers and other gadgets play in our life is very large. Almost everything is done through computers. Also, the amount of data that we handle has increased by large proportions. So naturally, the importance of external storage devices has increased. USB flash drives are one of the most used categories of external storage devices. When it comes to applications of USB flash drives, they do not stop at just storing the data. In this article some cool tricks or applications of USB flash drives that most people are unaware of are discussed:

Use it as a security key to your computer:

When it comes to security, almost everything necessary can be done. The number of fraud activities and data theft are increasing with each passing day. So you can be never too careful in the case of computers and data. Almost nothing can be done against a cyber attack but there are things to be done to protect data against corruption unauthorized use. One such method is to use a USB flash drive to lock your computer. With this application of the USB flash drive, only the holder of the drive will be able to log on to the computer. But there are chances to lose the stick, so it is better to use a password to go in hand with the USB key. While working if you remove the drive, then the computer would go to sleep mode and log in again when the USB is plugged back in.

Give the computer a boost:

In computers that have the limited amount of RAM, there can be a chance of the computer becoming slow when a large amount of data is being processed. So if there is any method to increase the speed of the computer, it would be incredible. In fact, there is a method. The USB flash drive can be used to give the computer a boost. But first of all the USB must be checked so that it meets the requirements. This boost will be especially effective to computers that have less than 2gb of RAM.

Latch on to a WIFI network:

This again is another cool application of USB flash drives. The details of a WIFI network can be stored in a USB flash drive and whenever the USB flash drive in plugged in the computer would be connected to the WIFI network. Such USB drives can also be used to connect other devices like your Xbox to a WIFI network.

Get rid of viruses:

USB flash drive loaded with software like the AVG can be used to cleanse your computer from viruses. Nowadays with the increased use of the internet, the number of virus attacks has also increased.

Use USB flash drives in tandem:

Make two drives into a couple. Then the data can only be accessed if both the drives are plugged in. if one of them is unplugged then the other becomes inaccessible.

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