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10 Cool Things You Can Do with a Cool USB Flash Drive

10 Cool Things You Can Do with a Cool USB Flash Drive

These days almost everything in our day to day life will be impossible without the help of a computer system and the internet. The use of secondary storage devices has increased by a large amount and the reason is that the amount of digital data that we handled has exponentially increased. When it comes to secondary storage devices, USB flash drives are exceptionally popular. Some of the key applications of USB flash devices are:

  1. Make use of portable games and applications: The Internet is available almost everywhere and hence doing things while on the move is something that is very common. With the help of USB flash drives different portable games and apps can be taken along so that you can use them on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.
  2. As a key to a wifi network: This is another cool and at the same time, efficient application of the USB flash drive. The details like password of a WIFI network can be saved into a flash drive and whenever the drive is plugged in, the computer will connect to the WIFI network. 

  3. Make use of a flash drive pair: a couple of drives can be used so that they are only accessible when they are plugged in together. This is useful if the data needs to be confined to two people.

  4. Use it as a security key: The computer can be locked with the help of a USB flash drive. Logging into the computer will only be possible if you plug in the USB drive.

  5. Use it to boot an operating system: if you wish to use another operating system, you can always load the OS into a USB flash drive and then boot the computer from the drive easily. The existing OS in the computer will not be altered or corrupted in any manner.

  6. Use the drive to boost the computer’s speed: Whenever there is a requirement of additional speed, the USB flash drive can be used to give the computer a speed boost. There are applications that do this. This is very useful if the computer has a RAM below 2gb.

  7. Install Windows OS on MacBook: This is a very important application to those who want to use both the Mac OS as well as the Windows. 

  8. Synchronize your files: Once the files are synchronized, the USB flash drive will work as a DropBox or a Google drive. All the files like photos, music etc. will be stored on the drive automatically. 

  9. Encrypt and store files: Instead of simply storing the files, encryption can be done so that even if the USB flash drive is lost, the person who find it will have absolutely no use for it.

  10. USB flash drives can be used to run a website: this application is something that is useful from a sales point of view. The demo site can be shown to the client with the help of a USB flash drive.

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