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10 Cool Free Flash Drive Hacks

10 Cool Free Flash Drive Hacks

Our Flash drive is more resourceful than just transferring files or storing them. The people we generally call techies or geeks are to be credited for finding amazing ways to use our multitalented flash drive.

So, here is a list of 10 cool free USB stick hacks.

1. Locking and unlocking the computer

  • With the help of an application known as a PREDATOR, your USB flash drive can act as a key that can lock and unlock your computer.
  • You just need to insert the flash drive and run the predator application, the application will use the flash drive to control the access of your PC.
  • When you don’t want to use the PC, you simply need to unplug the flash drive. This will disable the screen and the mouse. And when you want to use, you just need to insert the flash drive to unlock your computer.
  • This keeps your computer safe without the need to enter your password every time.

2. Anonymous surfing

  • There are many portable apps that are available that you can use to surf the web without letting anyone know your identity.
  • If you want even more security, just install a FoxyProxy, a security plugin of Firefox, and copy the whole folder to your flash drive.

3. Expand Android's memory

  • The memory in a smartphone is expandable but to a limit. But if you want more memory then a USB flash drive specification called as USB OTG (On-the-go) can help you.
  • It uses a specific USB OTG adapter cable, with the flash drive at one end and the other end of the cable is attached to the smartphone.

4. Running an Additional Operating System

  • You can use your flash drive to run an additional operating system on your computer. For example, if you are using windows and you wish to use Linux also, then you can use USB to boot Linux on your computer, without affecting the windows.

5. Run apps

  • You can run a number of apps using a USB as a USB is capable of running full programs. This will save your computer’s memory.

6. USB as portable Web Server

  • This can be achieved by a cross-platform web server that is an open source software and can easily be downloaded.
  • After downloading, you can transfer the files to the flash drive having minimum 250MB free space. Then install the files on the flash drive.
  • Now the web server installed can be used on any computer.

7. Revive a Computer

  • There are many antiviruses available that can be loaded on a flash drive and then scanned on a computer having viruses. And it might bring your computer back to life.

8. Flash Drive as a RAM booster

  • Windows ReadyBoost uses a USB as that is compatible with it and meets the specifications, for example, having 512MB free space. This can boost the speed of the RAM by utilization the USB as a cache memory instead of the hard drive.

9. Connect to Wireless Networks

  • There a feature in windows, that can save the wireless network’s name and password to our flash drive.
  • This data can be then copied to the other computer.

10. Autorun a program

  • A free USB drive can be programmed in such a way that as soon as you insert a drive, a program that is set to autorun will start up.
  • You can use this feature to use your flash drive as a jukebox by installing audio programs like WinAmp, which will autoplay when the flash drive is connected to a computer.

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