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10 Awesome Ways to Use a Cool Flash Drives

10 Awesome Ways to Use a Cool Flash Drives

Computers have become one of the integral things in our life and it is almost impossible to live without them. Almost everything from purchasing things to paying bills is done with the help of a computer. Storing away data is also one of the most important applications of computers. For additional storage option, USB flash drives, external hard drives etc. are used. When it comes to USB flash drives there are many more uses than just storing away data. In this article 10 such uses are discussed:

  1. As a means to securely store data: USB flash drives can be effectively used to store data, this is something that everyone does. But make sure that you encrypt the data so that everything in the drive is completely safe and secure. Also once you encrypt the data, you will be able to carry it around with confidence because even if you lose it, the person who finds it will have absolutely no use for it.

  2. Gift it to a close buddy: This may seem to be a thing that is not so technical. But gifting a USB flash drive is not always a bad idea. This is especially true when you have forgotten to purchase a gift and have to come up with something in the last minute. Since USB flash drives are easily available and in most cases it will be there in your house, finding one would not be a problem.

  3. Maintaining your computer: there are many things that can be done with the help of a USB flash drive like cloning the device, partitioning the hard drive etc. 

  4. Installing Windows on a MacBook: Apple computers come with their own operating systems and if you need to use windows in one of them, you will have to use a USB flash drive.

  5. For using games, apps etc.: there are numerous games and apps that are portable and with the help of a USB flash drive, one can use them on their PC, tablet etc.

  6. For removing viruses from a system: This is one of the most important applications of USB flash drive. When a computer is a virus hit, various software like AVG Rescue loaded in a USB drive can clean the system.

  7. Make use of the Win 8: The trial version of the Win 8 or Win 8.1 can installed temporarily with the help of a USB flash drive. 

  8. Secure your computer with a password: The USB flash drive can be turned into a key that only lets the holder log into a computer. This key can be used in combination with another password and hence the computer becomes extra safe.

  9. Improving the virtual memory: if the computer is slowing down then the USB flash drive can be used to give an additional speed boost to the system.

  10. Syncing the files automatically: by doing this the USB flash drive acts as a dropbox or Google drive which automatically stores your files.


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