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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Cheap Flash Drives

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Cheap Flash Drives

Flash drives can be considered as one of the most multipurpose things ever invented. They can run an entire application, can be used to lock and unlock the computer and can encrypt our data.

Apart from these uses, let us see some other amazing things that we can do with a cheap USB drive.

1. To Reset Password of Your Computer

  • A flash drive can be used to reset the password of your computer so that you are never locked out of your computer.
  • Just insert the flash drive, go the user accounts, click Create a password reset disk and then simply follow the instructions to create a password.
  • In case you forgot your password, insert this same drive and follow the instructions to reset your password.

2. USB Lamp

  • We can use an old USB, connect it with a LED and a series resistance to create a lamp. This lamp can be used by plugging the lamp into the USB port.
  • This lamp can be used to look inside the computer like analyzing the socket orientation and motherboard settings.

3. Store Games

  • As games require a lot of memory, these games can be installed on a flash drive and made to run directly from it.
  • This will save our computer’s space.

4. Encrypt your information

  • Cheap USB Sticks can be encrypted by using software like TrueCrypt.
  • Saving important information on our flash drive like soft copies of our documents and then encrypting the drive is a very good habit to keep the documents safe.

5. Electronics parts of USB

  • An old USB can be dismantled and its parts can be used for some electronics projects.
  • For example inside a USB, there is a plug, microcontroller, oscillators, LEDs and switches. Each of these components can be used in an electronics project.

6. Using it as a Player

  • You can use a cheap USB drive to store a number of songs, and then hear these songs on any computer by just plugging the drive into the computer. You can even install a media player on a flash drive.

7. Run applications

  • You can run a number of applications on a flash drive as the drives are capable of running a whole application. This will save a lot of space on your computer.

8. Portable DropBox

  • To make your flash drive work as a portable DropBox, first download and extract an executable file known as DropboxPortableAHK. Install it in the drive by following the instructions.
  • In this way, you can take your dropbox anywhere without the need to install it on every computer.

9. USB Extension

  • We can add an extension cable, called Ethernet to a USB.

10. Run a Blog platform from USB

  • To run any blog platform from your USB flash drive, download all the necessary files from the PortableApps.com.
  • Extract and install those files on the USB and run them.

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